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Olive Wood Wall Crucifix - All Sizes


These lovely Holy Land olive wood crucifixes are made from olive wood from the Bethlehem area. 

They are a  beautiful spiritual keepsake to give to someone you care about or to hang in your home. 

They can be hung on the wall as there is a small hole on the reverse side to be used with a nail or screw. 

Wall crucifixes are available from 12 cm / 4.75" up to 35 cm/ 14".  Please choose the correct size below. 


If you need a different quantity, please contact me.

ProductsStockOur Price
Olive Wood Wall Crucifix - 12 cm / 4.75" 99999$ 6.99
Olive Wood Wall Crucifix - 16 cm / 6.25"99999$ 9.99
Olive Wood Wall Crucifix - 20 cm / 8.3" 99999$ 12.99
Olive Wood Wall Crucifix - 25 cm / 10.4" 99999$ 15.99
Olive Wood Wall Crucifix - 30 cm / 12"99999$ 24.99
Olive Wood Wall Crucifix - 35 cm / 14"99999$ 29.99

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