Christmas Nativity Grotto Olive Wood Star Scene Manger Bethlehem Ornament


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This nativity scene is handmade in Bethlehem. It is a unique and beautiful addition to your Christmas ornaments collection. It is carved from branches of olive trees that grow across the Holy Land.

You will see a palm tree and of course there is a lamb, Mary and Joseph and the little Child. Am angel hovering over the scene and two wise men complement this manger depiction. The Star Of Bethlehem is overhead as well. There is a sample of Holy Earth by the Child in addition.

A lot happening for such a small handy nativity scene.

One should realize that the objects offered are made from branches cut during the normal pruning process - therefore the trees are not harmed.

Size: almost 5 inches across, 3 inches wide and almost 4 inches tall.

The ornaments that you receive may not look exactly like the photos since the natural wood grain varies per object.