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Holy Jordan Water (HJW)

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This is a 12 cm olive wood Eastern/Russian Orthodox cross that comes in a presentation gift box, perfect for giving as an understated gift. 

What is an Eastern/Russian Orthodox Cross? 

The Eastern Orthodox Cross has many different names. It is also known as the Russian Orthodox Cross, the Crux Orthodoxa, the Byzantine cross, the Eastern cross, the Suppendaneum Cross and the Russian cross. It is similar to the Patriarchal cross, but has 2 smaller bars, one at the top and one near the bottom (diagonal) as well as the longer crossbeam. The upper bar represents the sign "INRI," ("Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews") the mocking title bestowed on Christ by the Romans in the New Testament account of the crucifixion. The lower bar represents the footrest (suppendaneum) to which the feet of Jesus were nailed. One tradition says that this comes from the idea that as Jesus took his last breath, the bar his feet were nailed to broke, thus slanting to the side. Another tradition holds that the lower end points to hell, and the upper to heaven, representing the destinies of the two thieves crucified with Christ. The first thief, repentant, went to heaven, the second, who did not regret his sin, to hell. In this way it reminds the believer of the Last Judgment. 

It is a beautiful spiritual keepsake for yourself or to give as a gift for someone you care about.