Jerusalem Cross Crusader's Olive Wood Keyring


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AN AUTHENTIC OLIVE WOOD KEYRING WITH A JERUSALEM CROSS DESIGN  – These are hand carved by craftsmen in Bethlehem using traditional techniques. It measures approximately 2.5 x 2.5 cm / 1" x 1"

A PERFECT CHRISTIAN GIFT for ALL OCCASIONS - This olive wood comfort cross comes with an Explanation Card explaining all about olivewood. Each one is unique, since no two hearts will ever look the same due to the variations in the grain of the wood. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - These hearts are made only from the trimmings of ancient olive trees growing in the Bethlehem region, the site of the nativity of Jesus (Matt 2, Luke 2)


What is a Jerusalem Cross?

The Jerusalem cross is also known as Crusaders' cross, and it is a heraldic cross or Christian symbol that consists of a large Greek cross surrounded by four smaller Greek crosses, one in each corner.

The simpler form of the cross is known as the "Crusaders' Cross", because it was on the papal banner given to the Crusaders by Pope Urban II for the First Crusade, and became a symbol of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

It was first worn by Godfrey of Bouillon, the first leader of the Kingdom. The four smaller crosses are said to symbolize either the four books of the Gospel or the four directions in which the Word of Christ spread from Jerusalem. Alternatively, all five crosses can symbolize the five wounds of Christ during the Passion, the Pentateuch and, presumably, the first five Christian Churches.

Its origin may come from Phoenicia, in the shape of a white, sometimes green, eight-pointed cross, known as Maltese Cross, each point representing a Beatitude, as the Venerable Order of St John teaches.

The Jerusalem Cross is also used in the flag of Georgia.