Tzedakah Boxes

Giving charity, or tzedakah as it is called in Hebrew, is an important mitzvah or commandment in Jewish life. No Jewish home is complete without a Tzedakah Box to enhance the performance of that mitzvah.  Enhancing a mitzvah is called "hidur mitzvah"and is also an important Jewish concept - to always do a Mitzvah in the best way possible. 

Here you will find a choice of Tzedakah boxes, any of them will add color and beauty to the home.  They make useful gifts for Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations as well as for various events in the Jewish Year. 

The Tzedakah boxes are made in a choice of materials, including wood, metal, aluminum and come in various such as the Star of David, a house, and a cylinder. Designs include the city of Jerusalem, the Seven Species, oriental designs, Jewish motifs such as pomegranates, and Noah’s Ark.