Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments with HolyRoses Gift Cards - various Quantities

HR Xmas Deco-6
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These 6 ornaments are individually packed in a cellophane bag wtih a little xmas gift card and are perfect to pass out as gifts to your friends.  Handmade on a scroll saw, this is a unique and beautiful addition to your Christmas ornaments collection, direct from the Holy Land.

Each piece is fashioned from branches of olive trees that have been growing in the Bethlehem area. One should understand that these items are made from pruned branches, therefore the trees are not harmed. The ornaments that you receive may not look exactly like the photo since the natural wood grain varies.  

Size: The ornaments come in various sizes and shapes and range in length from about 2 to 3.5 inches.  There are different mixes and you might not get the same as those shown in the picture.  If you want a specific ornament, please contact me and check that I have it.  The close it gets to Christmas the less choice there is.

Comes with a little loop so that you can add ribbon and hang them fromm the Christmas Tree.