Olive Wood Nativity Scene Ornaments With Star - (NAT A)


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These beautiful miniature, natural grain ornaments are and carved from the wood of the olive tree, from Bethlehem and depict the scene from the Christmas Nativity story.  The HolyFamily is seen in a manger with a palm tree in the foreground and a brilliant star in the background.

Handmade on a scroll saw, by the Holyland's finest craftsmen,  these nativity ornaments are a unique and beautiful addition to your Christmas ornaments collection direct from the Holy Land.
They are carved and fashioned from branches of olive trees that have been growing in the Bethlehem area. One should realize that the objects presented ares made from pruned branches, therefore the trees are not harmed. The ornaments that you receive may not look exactly like the photos since the natural wood grain varies per object.

Comes with a loop for hanging from the Christmas Tree.
Dimensions: The ornaments are about 2.3 x 2 inches [6x5cm].