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Olive Wood Comfort Holding Healing Cross – Regular Size – for Adult Hand

7.90 USD

AUTHENTIC OLIVE WOOD COMFORT CROSS  – These are hand carved in Bethlehem by experienced artisans.  It is deliberately uneven, in order to fit into your hand more comfortably than a “correctly shaped” cross would do.  It fits nicely between your fingers or in the palm of your hand – It is not too heavy nor too light.   Each cross is approx. 11 cm height and 7 cm wide / 4.5" height and 2.75" wide.  

A PERFECT CHRISTIAN GIFT for ALL OCCASIONS - This olive wood comfort cross comes with an Explanation Card with Psalm 23 on the reverse. 

A PERFECT COMPANION FOR PRAYER & MEDITATION This cross has a silky smooth feel. Be assured that it will develop its own natural patina as it is held and handled over time. Hold it and take comfort from it during, prayer, meditation or whenever you need reassurance.

A CHERISHED GIFT - In these uncertain times, have these available to give to your loved ones in their time of need.  It has been said that sometimes it is enough simply to hold the cross silently – this is itself prayer. If you or someone you know is ill simply holding the cross may be the best way to pray. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - These crosses are made only from the trimmings of ancient olive trees growing in the Bethlehem region, the site of the nativity of Jesus (Matt 2, Luke 2).    

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